Ask what is exactly included

  • Taxes ?
  • Boarding wherever you like, inside the canal circles, without extra charges?
  • Tourist tax?
  • Extra charge for table setting and other blabla.


A huge difference in price?

  • Our prices are including the expenses mentioned above unless clearly mentioned otherwise.  Leave these expenses out and what remains is an extremely attractive offer. Apparently  more attractive than ours and the ones from many others in the market. Don't be deceived; we all know the tricks that low fare airline companies use to lure us into booking. Once you booked there is all kind of extra's and the price is not that attractive any more. We at rederij Lieve think that this is not decent so on our website it is 'whatyousee is whatyouget'.
  • What kind of boat is it exactly that you have booked? Is it a classical vintage saloon boat as you imagine or just a boat with a saloon? Ask for ythe year it was build and recent pictures.  You wouldn't be the first one who finds something totally different than the expected on the day of the booking.  And than you have no plan B.

Is it an all-weather boat?

  • Will a change of the weather spoil your trip? Can you ALL sit outside when it is one of these beautiful warm summer days in Amsterdam? Or does more than half of the guests have to sit inside because the tiny open cockpit is stuffed? It will sell a few more drinks but that is the only advantage that I can see.
  • Is there decent heating on board? Our saloon has a full blast central heating system, we also drive the entire winter season. The big open cockpit is equipped with comfortable cushions, pillows and of course there are ample fluffy blankets.


Amenities, service


  • Can you speak different languages on board?
  • Is there a proper explanation about the things you see?
  • Is the boat officially licensed?
  • Are there life jackets, fire extinguishers and a certified skipper?
  • Are required safety regulations met?
  • Is there a decent toilet on board?
  • Hot and cold running water to wash your hands in the toilet?
  • A large mirror to check your amazing outfit?
  • Can you choose drinks and food 'a la carte'?
  • Heating system available?
  • Is there WIfi?
  • Sound system available? Can you plug-in  your own device?
  • Can I pay with PIN or credit card?


 Rederij Lieve can say YES to all these questions and probably a few more.


020 - 3 30 30 16